“The Spirituality of Good Mother Life with the Perspective Spirituality of Fr. Rolf Reichenbach SSCC Life”


I took the title of my reflection from the motto of Fr. Rolf, SSCC spirituality life, especially in his serving as a Priest and Administrator Apostolic in the Diocese of Pangkalpinang. Why? I think this motto could be similar with the spirituality of Good Mother life. In his serving, Fr. Rolf always do his ministry with a joy. So that, He could do his ministry as a missionary well.. But, I don’t want to describe more about Fr. Rolf SSCC. I just want to invite us, to see together the spirituality of Good Mother life with the perspective of Fr. Rolf Reichenbach SSCC.

We can conclude that the life of Good Mother is full of limitation and weaknesses. But, Good Mother never said she is a man whose full with sadness. But the reality is very different.  We can said, our Good Mother is a man whose full of Joy also in Her life. What is the proof to prove it?

First, Her experience when she hide many priest in the revolution of France. We can think Good Mother is a stupid people. Why? As we know, if someone get caught hide a priest, they can enter to the prison. But, Good Mother very honest to do it. That’s because she do it with a joy. With a Joy, She doesn’t think anything that happened with her if she hide many Priest and can do it well although finally she get caught.

Second, Her experience when she gives her time to change the sisters who couldn’t join in the perpetual Adoration. She didn’t say that she angry with the sisters who didn’t join the reparative Adoration. But she is very honest to change them. The best time that Good Mother use for Her Perpetual Adoration is at 11.00 Pm until 02.00 Am. Why Good Mother want to do it? That’s because of joy.

Third, Her loyalty in Her Vows. Good Mother live up Her Vows with joy. She never said that she is very suffer because Her vows But she always feel happy with Her vows and very loyalty in Her Vows until She died.

Brothers and Sisters, these are some proof that could be a prove to us that Good Mother is a man whose full of Joy in Her life. The Joy spirituality can lived in the life of Fr. Rolf and Good Mother because this spirituality was integrated in Good Mother life and Fr. Rolf life.

As a SSCC, we are inviting to see our inner self. Do we do our ministry and our serving as a Brothers, Priest, Sister, Family with a joy especially in this Covid-19 pandemic? We know, this pandemic has change many system in our life. This pandemic has change our spirituality life, our community life and our apostolic life. But do we do it all with a joy like Good Mother and Fr. Rolf do in their life?

I end my reflection with this sentence….

“The key that helping us to do our ministry well is “JOY”. Without joy everything will feel empty”.


Yogyakarta, 17 November 2020


Bro. Christian Fritz Wibisono SSCC

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